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Imperva is one of the leaders in the field of cyber security that aims to protect the organizations’ data and the data transmission and movement paths. According to Gartner’s report, Imperva’s firewalls are the best option for network and database security.




In organizations with massive and sensitive data, presence of a firewall that only protects the tables and data of the database is necessa


Types of Firewalls

Various firewalls have been presented to protect the network against different attacks. The firewalls are classified based on data type, data sensitivity, and various layers that exist in the network. According to this definition, the firewalls are classified into three groups:

Class 1, which are known as UTM and they protect the whole network and does not protect a specific layer. Thus, it cannot prevent some attacks.

Class 2 includes Web Application Firewalls, which are known as WAF and they protect the application layer of the network.

Class 3 includes Database Firewalls, which are known as DBF, and they are developed and designed to protect data and tables of the databases.

IMPERVA Firewall

Data protection is of great importance in organizations with massive and sensitive data. Class 1 and 2 firewalls protect information security in databases, but they are not specifically designed for this area. Thus, they cannot prevent some attacks. To understand this concern, IMPERVA introduced the Secure Sphere hardware firewall, which is specifically designed to protect security of data in a database against various attacks.

IMPERVA firewall provides organizations with a clear image of the security status of the data center to protect users and sensitive data against intrusion of outsiders. On the other hand, it accelerates the possibility of monitoring database users. Imperva Secure Sphere firewall satisfies a wide range of organizations’ security requirements by monitoring and auditing the database, its compliance with the standards available in the security team, and evaluating the vulnerability of databases. This firewall performs all these processes in real time and affects the database performance significantly, such that it can be said that it does not affect the database.   

Secure Sphere firewall accelerates investment return by centralizing database monitoring, protecting heterogeneous organizational systems, and automating the process of processing repetitive activities and reducing resource consumption. As a result, the organizations achieve the database risk management objectives.

Examining databases and sensitive databases

As the organizations are growing, number and volume of database data also increases. In this case, Secure Sphere firewall uses automatic methods to determine the location of database servers and sensitive information. Then, it can classify data and help the organizations to make an accurate plan to reduce the risk of employed systems.

Continuous monitoring and duty separation

Secure Sphere records and analyzes all database activities in details and provides detailed reports about each information transaction in the database. Imperva database firewall performs all these activities apart from the database, thus, it has a negligible impact of the database performance.

Enforcing Security Policies

Security monitoring and compliance with security policies of the organization are carried out separately but in parallel. Ither databases that cannot carry out monitoring in parallel, cannot address security violations quickly.

Predictable performance and availability at scale

Imperva results in scalability of the whole organization through fault-resistant architecture and efficient audit logging technology. Unlike competitors that rely on standard relational databases for recording monitoring activity, Imperva employs logging techniques for Big-Data analysis.

Amidst, Rayan Nik Tajhiz Company with experiences in providing this firewall to organizations with massive and sensitive data, has helped improve security of these databases. Also, it is possible to see a demo of this hardware product in coordination with Rayan Nik Tajhiz’s sales team.

The main features of Imperva Firewall are summarized as follows: