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Oracle Metalink Account

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Oracle experts usually use two official websites to get updates and supports of Oracle products.  



Many organizations use oracle database and products. Oracle provides some of its software products to everyone for free, but organizations that use Oracle products for business development and commercial purposes cannot normally use these products’ support. It can be said that depending on the type of use of Oracle products, different accounts should be purchased.





There are two ways to receive product support for those who use Oracle products. The first way is to use OTN or Oracle Technology Network. The second way is to use the MOS network or My Oracle Support, which is also called Oracle’s Metalink account.



Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Support

In this cae, people who have research and development goals, such as students and researchers are supported. In fact, the OTN network usually provides all that can be used for development and research through the public license to individuals and organizations.

Using OTN is free for everyone and Oracle provides this support system to help developers, software architects, database experts or DBAs who use various Oracle products. The purpose of this network is to help software professionals to achieve testing and training goals in their development environment by downloading base-release documents and versions and accessing discussion forums.

The point that should be taken into account when preparing this license is that citizens, nationals, or people living in Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Libya, North Korea, and Syria do not have the right to use this network due to the sanction policies of the United States.

My Oracle Support (MOS)

The second way is to use the MOS or My Oracle Support network, which is also called Oracle’s Metalink account, and it is for those with business goals who have purchased the license and support of their desired product from Oracle’s partners.

Oracle Metalink Account (MOS)

The organizations that use Oracle products for business purposes and manage their internal systems, must have access to the MOS site to receive support for the purchased products. Organizations must have access to this account to receive product updates, fix bugs, and receive documents that Oracle provides to organizations to solve software problems.

On this site, the Oracle support team usually provides specific documents to solve problems for those who have access to this network. Also, while working with the product, if you encounter a bug for which a patch has not been created, you can send a patch creation request to the Oracle team, and receive a special patch to fix the bug, which is called Service Request or SR. Also, you can access the patches created for your product and ask for support to solve your problems from the Oracle team using this account.

(The latest version of Oracle supports from different versions of databases)


Types of Oracle Metalink Account

Oracle’s Metalink account versions are offered to Oracle product customers regarding database version and SR service. Rayan Nik Tajhiz Company offers a combination of these features in different accounts to Oracle customers. Organizations should pay attention to these two issues before purchasing this account and contact the sales support team of this company.

According to the following figure, Oracle informs its organizations and customers to update the older versions, and if an organization fails to make this change, it cannot get support from older Oracle databases normally. In this case, organizations should use the EXTENDED version of the Metalink account to get support from older databases, which are divided into the following three types according to this division of accounts:

Types of Oracle Metalink Account


Extended Oracle
Metalink Account

  • • Receive support and patches created for older and new versions
  • • Access to discussion forums

Normal Metalink Account

  • • Get support for all 19c versions and later
  • Receive updates, documents and patches provided
  • • Access to discussion forums

Metalink Sccount
With SR Service

  • • The possibility to send a request to fix a problem to the Oracle team for which a patch has not been created before
  • • Receive updates, documents and patches