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Today, most professionals in the network world are trying to manage the affairs of organizations remotely.

Roka Remote Work System





Today, most professionals in the network world are trying to manage the affairs of organizations remotely. Remote connection in organizations increases the efficiency and performance level of people and solves problems in the best possible way and in the shortest time.





Remote work is an approach in which employees can communicate with their organization outside of their workplace, exchange information, do their work, and convey the work results to the employer or customers


Remote access is used in various fields. Performing various tasks on the computers of an organization and fixing problems on the destination computer, which is called the Remote Desktop feature under the active web, are all among the functions of remote work services. The remote work system of Ryan Nik Tajhiz Company called Roka can be introduced as a pivotal and efficient technology in communication and computer networks.


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Access through the web environment is a safe way of communication that can remotely perform any configuration and settings on devices related to network and security. When remote work reduces the spread of the coronavirus, software systems and tools for designing and implementing organizational processes play a decisive role in providing remote work facilities. Monitoring the activities of the organization’s employees is also the concern of managers, especially human resource managers, which is now easily possible remotely through the remote work system.

To manage information and users, it is possible to prevent wrong expenses by setting up a telework system completely intelligently to have more accurate management of employees. It is possible to create an easy and transparent user environment for better employee performance.


Advantages of remote work system

The correct use of remote work can bring many benefits to organizations, which can be mentioned:



1- Increasing the efficiency of human resources

2- Reducing organizational costs

3- Increasing the work efficiency of organizations

4- Increasing cyber security of organizations

5- Promoting the culture of monitoring and managing the good performance of personnel

6- Fulfilling the ideals of electronic government

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Ryan Nik Tajhiz company tries to provide conditions for organizations in this structure to bring security to organizations that are looking for high-level security by using the unique feature of remote access. This security is established through communication methods such as SSH/Telnet and RDP, which protects the important and sensitive devices of organizations such as switches, routers, and firewalls.


Features of Roka Remote Work System:

Being in the network of an organization, the Roka remote work system provides an organization with the following facilities:

1. Continuity and integration with virtual server infrastructure

2. Continuity and integration with Desktop Virtualization

3. The possibility of remote work for personnel anywhere in the extra-organizational network

4. Creating a powerful firewall

5. Adapting the desktop of each user to the spare capacity of each user in the organization

6. Adapting the desktop of each user to the quality of the network of each user in the organization

7. A comprehensive control and monitoring system for desktop communications and organizational programs


How Roka Remote Work System works:

The remote work system of Ryan Nik Tajhiz supports Microsoft’s Terminal Server service, and people can carry out the organization’s affairs from outside the organization through this service. In this structure, the connection to the devices is through the Terminal page in the web environment; the difference is that quick access through the web has increased the efficiency and productivity of the employees.

A principal point that is essential in using this system is little capacity usage, which offers better performance compared to the common RDP protocol with excellent image quality. Even in capacity like 200kbps, it gives us better quality than RDP.


The primary security points that arise when using the Roka Remote Work system:

• Using appropriate passwords with high security

• Two-layer validation or two-step verification

• Frontline firewalls to prevent cyber attacks

• Router security

• Data backup

• Using encrypted communications


In the end, it can be said that according to the users who are defined locally in this system, they can access the system. The authority that each user has is transferred exactly in the work-at-home mode according to their job position.