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In 2022, the Fortinet firewall was once again acknowledged as a premiere in the field of cyber security based on the Gartner Magic Quadrant by the Gartner. Powerful firewalls serve as a key element of network security in the information technology. Resembling a strong barrier, the firewalls protect your data and prevent unauthorized access to the network.







Firewalls are very much like the frontline of a battlefield as they act as the last shield against network security threats.




Offered in the form of hardware, software, or a combination of the two at the main core of the network, the Fortinet firewall controls the traffic flowing through the network. The FortiGate firewall is a member of the new generation of firewalls released by the Fortinet Company. The US-based Fortinet Company is the fourth largest company with premiere activities in the field of network security in the world. Offering various versions of the FortiGate firewall, the Fortinet firewall provides small and extended networks with unprecedented levels of security and protection. Different versions, applications, and mechanism of action of this powerful firewall are described in the following.

Fortinet firewall; the most credible AI-based security elements

Equipped with the most credible AI-based security elements, the Fortinet firewall has been developed and powered by the FortiGuard Labs. The FortiGuard Labs make use of millions of sensors across a global network coupled with AI to detect and monitor network attacks with the aim of developing the leading-edge technology for preserving network security.


Various versions of the Fortinet firewall; the most popular products of the Fortinet firewall

The Fortinet Company has released numerous firewall products. The portfolio of the company’s products includes more than 100 products. The top four popular products of the Fortinet are reviewed in the following.

FortiWeb: Web Application Firewall

The FortiWeb web application firewall goes through a different mechanism of action compared to conventional network firewalls. This firewall controls the input traffic in the 5th to 7th layer. The web application firewall provides a powerful security layer for detecting the cyber threats related to http and ftp protocols for the entire load of input traffic to web applications.

Unified Threat Management Firewall

Abbreviated as UTM, this firewall is a good alternative for providing network security in big organizations. With the help of this product of the Fortinet, the big organizations can ensure security across all parts of their network – an all-in-one product that can well serve as a powerful and comprehensive firewall for every part of the network across an organization.

Network Address Translation Firewall

In contrast to majority of commercial firewalls that protect the local area network (LAN) and IP addresses rather than the input traffic, the NAT firewall routes the traffic through a unified. This firewall is usually used on Wi-Fi router or VPN services.


FortiGate Mid-Range Next-Generation Firewalls

Abbreviated as NGFWs, the FortiGate Mid-Range Next-Generation Firewalls provides for multi-layer security for protection against cyber arracks. The FortiGate secure processors offer the best protection for the SSL-encrypted traffic. Moreover, through its regular and accurate reporting system, the NGFWs keeps you informed about the security state of the network. This type of firewall usually suits the organizations who seek to establish an accurate and reliable security network. In terms of blocking mechanism, the NGFWs are similar to UTM products, where features of the old-generation and new-generation firewalls are combined to investigate all types of security threats.

FortiGate firewall mechanism of action; data control by source or position

The FortiGate firewall establishes the network security through controlling the data flowing across the network. Old-fashion firewalls are usually designed to control the data based on their sources or geographical location. Finally, upon investigating the data and checking them against an authorized data list, the data may be allowed to flow through the network. The FortiGate firewall comes in a variety of series, namely 100, 200, 300, 500, 600m 800, and 900 series, with different series differing in the throughput capacity, supported number of ports, and application.

How FortiGate firewall differs from other firewalls

Some important distinctions of the FortiGate firewall compared to other firewalls in the pool of Fortinet network security products include its SSL monitoring capability, web filtering feature, and excellent risk management experience for the user. The FortiGate firewall controls the network traffic upon entering and leaving the network in large-scale organizations. In contrast to old-fashion firewalls that were designed to establish security to no further than the 4th layer, these new-generation firewalls extend the security and filtering up to the 7th layer.

For example, let you be a website owner. A traditional firewall controls the input traffic to the server to establish security against unauthorized traffics. This will not, however, eliminate the risk of attacks on the traffic content (e.g., XSS). In contrast, the new-generation firewalls of FortiGate are equipped with features like IPS that prevent otherwise possible attacks at higher layers. In addition, excellent performance and efficiency of the FortiGate prevents otherwise incurred costs of network disruptions.

If your organization network is exposed to cyber-attacks, the FortiGate firewall is the best product of the Fortinet Company that serves as a security barrier to prevent your data and unauthorized traffic input.

Fortinet firewall licensing: online and offline

The Fortinet Company presents various methods of licensing for the Fortinet firewall, with different licensing schemes offering different features. You can obtain a license of the FortiGate both online and offline. With an online license of the FortiGate, the user can activate anti-spam, web filtering, IDS, IPS, and anti-virus features, among others. The offline licenses come with the web-filtering and anti-spam features, which are not available for the online licenses.

Fortinet firewall pricing; based on the market fluctuations

Given the market fluctuations and instantaneous changes in prices, it is infeasible to consider a fixed cost for the Fortinet firewall products, including the FortiGate. Accordingly, the price of the FortiGate firewall varies based on the firewall capacity, power consumption, storage capacity, and some other parameters. Nevertheless, before placing an order, you can contact our colleagues at the Rayan Tajhiz to check for the price. At Rayan Tajhiz, we offer the Fortinet firewall at affordable prices and further enrich it with quality services.

Rayan Nik Tajhiz; offering premium-quality Fortinet firewalls with special services

When it comes to purchasing the FortiGate firewall products, not only the price, but also the after-sale services and guarantee plans offered by the third-party company are extremely important. Rayan Tajhiz presents various series of the powerful FortiGate firewalls with the best quality. Providing complementary services for installing and setting up your network security infrastructures, this company establishes the security of your organization network. They further offer other web services, online conferencing modules, Oracle licenses, and database security measures.

Holding a variety of training workshops, Rayan Tajhiz contributes to learning the set-up, operating, and launching different firewall products, including the FortiGate. If you need any assistance for purchasing a Fortinet firewall product, do not hesitate to call technical assistants at Rayan Tajhiz at +98 21 88209219 (Ext. 222) to enjoy free consultation.