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red hat smart management

Red Hat Smart Management, a tool to manage the Red Hat Linux operating system






This Red Hat product is a tool for optimal management of the Red Hat operating system, i.e., Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As the number of Linux servers increases, performing some simple tasks will be challenging. For example, if we need to update many Linux servers in a short time, it could be difficult and time-consuming to do so without having Smart Management.






It can be said that the Red Hat Smart Management tool has been introduced to help organizations manage Red Hat Linux operating systems simply.



Red Hat Smart Management components

Smart Management comprises two products: Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Insights.

Satellite is a platform for better and faster management of multiple Red Hat licenses, which provides all the processes of deployment, scaling, and updating of these licenses with a single and centralized tool. Red Hat Insights also helps to find high-risk points with continuous analysis of the platform and provides recommended actions. For example, if there are many licenses of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, by creating a repository in Red Hat Satellite, you can receive all the updates provided for this license and update all the servers by applying one command.

Features of Red Hat Smart Management


When the number of Linux operating systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux increases in an organization, managing them will be a challenge. Red Hat Smart Management product was introduced to solve this problem. In fact, Smart Management includes two products, Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Insights, both of which help organizations to centrally and more efficiently control Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Smart Management helps you manage any environment supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including physical machines and even hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Organizations can manage thousands of systems distributed in several data centers and in the cloud with the help of Smart Management. In the meantime, with the help of the smart feature built into Red Hat Insights, you can also run the correcting programs from Red Hat with just one click.