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Organizations are often threatened by cyber-attacks and hackers’ misuse of their email content. Some content sent via email to business partners is vital and confidential for an organization and should be protected from unethical used to harm organizations.






Zix Company is one of the largest providers of a secure platform for sending and receiving emails to prevent unauthorized access to the emails of organizations.




Why should we use an email encryption service?

Corporate emails are abused a lot. For example, confidential financial information of companies is stolen, or fraudsters try to receive money from different people through the domains of organizations. Therefore, it is crucial to have a service that secures the platform of information exchange for the organization of Mine Reasons.

Types of Zix email encryption service:

Organizations can use Zix service in cloud and enterprise versions based on their needs. To request a demo of this service, you can call  +98 2188209267 extension 222.

Types of protocols used to encrypt emails in Zix:

Zix Company uses various methods to keep the content of emails confidential from unauthorized access to prevent all these attacks and unauthorized access. Among the primary protocols provided by Zix, the following can be mentioned:

  • Secure PDF protocol
  • Webmail protocol
  • PGP protocol
  • DKIM protocol
  • S/MIME protocol
  • Initiated Encryption protocol or encryption based on keywords

Secure PDF protocol

This protocol converts all email information and attached files into an encrypted PDF file. The password of these files is also made as a Hash, and it is not possible to break the password and read it. For the email recipients to access the content of the email, they must first be approved and evaluated by the Zix service, and after confirming the identity information and receiving the username and password, they can access all the information that has been converted to PDF.

Webmail protocol

In this protocol, the emails sent by Zix are encrypted. Recipients only receive an email that contains a notification that directs the recipient to the Zix site so that the message will be unencrypted and shown to them after the recipient’s identity has been verified.

Initiated Encryption protocol or encryption based on keywords

In this protocol, email encryption happens in several ways and manually or with predefined settings. In this solution, the email subject can be encrypted based on several keywords. For instance, we make settings and specify that the encryption operation will be performed automatically if those keywords are used in the email subject. This process can also be used for email content and encrypted according to pre-defined sensitive keywords. This protocol has also created the possibility that if we find out that the content of the email is sensitive and needs to be encrypted, but no settings have been made in advance, we can do the email encryption process manually.

One of the primary features of this protocol is that email recipients and senders can be defined on this service so that only allowed people can access email content.

DKIM protocol

Many profiteers use the domain of organizations to send fake e-mails and receive money from email recipients. This protocol prevents the sending and receiving of spam emails by confirming the source of the message and ensuring that the origin is allowed and validated by the domain.

PGP protocol

The PGP (Pretty good privacy) protocol or complete privacy for email encryption comprises two steps. In the first step, the contents of the emails are encrypted, and in the next step, a key with random algorithms decrypts these emails and is given to the recipient of the email, and the emails are opened using this key.

S/MIME protocol (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)

This protocol is like the PGP method. In this method, two keys are used to encrypt and decrypt emails. First, emails are encrypted using the public key. After the email is encrypted, the content of the email is sent to the sender, and then the content of the email can be viewed with the help of the private key that only the recipient has. One difference between this method and the PGP method is that random methods for key generation are not used.

Hiding the email sender’s address:

In Zix service, the address of the email sender can be kept secret, and if people from different departments of the organization send emails, all of them will be sent under a specific organizational email or a specific unit.

How to request a technical demo of the Zix encryption service

To see the technical details and how to encrypt and send messages confidentially, you can contact Rayan Nik Tajhiz Company to plan for a meeting in person or online.