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FortiWeb Firewall

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Fortiweb firewall has been developed to protect the application layer. 

One of the most important commercial tools for developing applications on the network is web application and API. Thus, it is very important to protect them from cyber-attacks. To this end, Fortinet has designed and produced the powerful FortiWeb firewall. This firewall is used to protect the web application and API with established standards and protection features.

In fact, FortiWeb firewall secures the seventh layer of the network application by focusing on this layer.


FortiWeb firewall characteristics in three different forms 

FortiWeb Firewall implements a strong security system tailored to each application with the help of machine learning to protect the application against threats such as Zero Day Attack.

FortiWeb firewall is available as hardware, software, or containers on the network. That is, in addition to the possibility of physical installation in the organization, you can launch it in the cloud space; As a result, it is possible to use it for large and small companies. Also, if the network structure is such that despite the need for a security system, it is not possible to change the network structure, the FortiWeb firewall can work offline.

The followings can be mentioned among the characteristics of this powerful firewall: 

• Protecting the web-based applications and API against OWASP

FortiWeb firewall can protect multiple layers of the web-based applications. It can protect the web applications against OWASP security attacks, DOS attacks, and malicious robots. 

• Using bot mitigation to detect malicious traffic

This feature of the FortiWeb firewall helps to identify the authorized and unauthorized traffic of applications in the network. In fact, it is possible to monitor and control the traffic without challenging the speed and other things during the user’s use.

• Having an SSL certificate

With the ability to provide SSL, this firewall can control web transactions and detect threats and then provide network security accordingly.

• Possibility of integrated management through VMware virtualization

This powerful firewall makes it possible to manage different firewall ports only through one console through vmware management.

• Having FortiGuard capability, scan all uploaded files on the network

This feature is provided in 4 different services. Each one is reviewed briefly in the following:

• IP reputation service

Protection against botnet, spammer, anonymous proxies and malware

• Security service

With application layer and machine learning models, protection against malicious bots, suspicious addresses and updated scanners

• Credential stuffing defense service

Providing a suspicious alert or blocking logins with stolen passwords and IDs

• Fortisanbox cloud service

Integration of the Fortinet service

How the FortiWeb firewall works; With multi-layer protection

FortiWeb Firewall with advanced features and security solutions can protect against attacks on web applications. With a multi-layer security system, it prevents OWASP attacks. The FortiWeb ML feature with its powerful protection without the need for time-consuming manual configuration allows you to detect any unusual behavior. For example, it allows search engine security bots to connect while blocking the activity of malicious bots.

Types of FortiWeb Firewall based on Technology and Power 

Fortinet company has designed different types of FortiWeb firewalls. In the following, we will mention 4 examples:

FortiWeb 1000 firewall

This series of firewall with layer 7 provides network security against DOS domains, authentication of suspicious users, increases device performance, detects security attacks in the network.

FortiWeb 2000 firewall

The possibility of multilayer security and compatible with FortiGate and FortiSandbox type, together with antivirus, protects the network, as in the above series.

FortiWeb 3000 firewall

In addition to the security features of the previous series, this series of FortiWeb firewall also has advanced graphical analysis and reporting. The possibility of protecting the network against OWASP attacks is also possible in this series.

FortiWeb 4000 firewall

In this series of firewalls, in addition to the features of the previous types, it offers special security protection against unusual requests with machine learning and cloud capabilities.

FortiWeb firewall price

The price of the firewall is different based on the type of firewall, service and warranty of the provider company. Due to the fluctuation of the dollar price, the price of the FortiWeb firewall also varies. Also, factors such as storage capacity, throughput, power consumption, and other technical features are effective in determining the price of a FortiWeb firewall. For more information about the latest prices of different types of FortiWeb firewalls, contact Rayan Nik experts.

Rayan Nik Tajhiz; Providing FortiWeb Firewall with Best Quality and Warranty

While buying a FortiWeb firewall, in addition to the price, the service and warranty of the provider is also very important. The powerful FortiWeb firewall is offered with the best quality and in different types with a warranty in Rayan Nik Tajhiz. Rayan Nik Tajhiz company will provide security for your organization’s network and database by providing services related to equipping and setting up the security infrastructure. Also, Ryan Nik Tajhiz has made your job easier to provide security in the network by providing services in the fields of database security, providing Oracle licenses, web related services and online conference. Also, by participating in the network security training courses provided by Rayan Nik Tajhiz, it will be possible to get the best security training services. If you need guidance to buy this product, you can contact the Rayan Nik Tajhiz experts right now.